Month: August 2014


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Going to the European Juggling Convention did me the world of good. I went there with my walker, and used it through the week. The following week I went to Galway and didn’t use my walker at all. I haven’t used it since. At the festival I was more active than I would have been if I had stayed at home.

When I came home I had a CT scan, the first since I’ve been on this new drug. I saw the specialist on Wednesday this week to get the results. He said that the previously fast growing tumour had shrunk by 50%. As a result I won’t need radiotherapy. Also the cancer in my bones had scarred, which is the sign of it dying. I asked why the drugs stop working after 12 to 18 months. He said that the cancer evolves resistance to the drug. The fact that my cancer was growing so fast meant that it responded so well to the drug, but also might mean it grows resistance quicker!

That evening I went to the Wednesday juggling club for the first time in a while. There were a couple of new people there and I asked them if they did passing. I probably did more passing that evening than I did at the European Juggling Festival.