Month: February 2014

Final chemotherapy session

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Last week I had a CT scan on my chest. It was much like the previous CT scan, with one difference. The nurse was in training, so she had to ask my permission to administer the injection for the iodine dye. I was her seventh victim.

This week I had my final chemotherapy session and, as normal, I saw the specialist the day before. It wasn’t my usual doctor this time. He gave me the results of the scan. Previously there had been two tumours on my liver, now there is only one. He couldn’t feel the tumour that had been in my neck. He also said the tumour in my lung had shrunk. I asked about the tumours in the bones and he said that they leave scars, which look just like the tumours, so it’s very difficult to comment on them.

My previous sick note was due to run out this week, so I asked him for another one and he obliged, signing me off for ‘at least six months.’ I was surprised by this because, as I understand it, I have maybe five or six weeks’ more treatment. I guess ‘not in treatment’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘fit for work’!

Three days after my chemotherapy there was a one day juggling festival in Bath. I felt fine after the treatment, so I decided to go! It was great to catch up with friends and I did some club passing. I didn’t do as much passing as I would have liked to, but it wasn’t because I wasn’t able to!

The next juggling festival is the week long British Juggling Convention, just before Easter. By then I should be out of treatment. Usually I would camp for the week. This year I might get a room!


Third chemotherapy session

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I had my third chemotherapy session this week. So far I’ve had no bad side effects, I’ve just been quite tired. After the second session I was very tired for about a week and a half, I really didn’t feel like doing anything.

Since starting treatment, I was probably at my best the week I was in the Netherlands! That’s great, because I could fully take part in the juggling festival there. The week after that, the effects of the chemotherapy started wearing off. I thought that was because it was past the three weeks that the doctor recommended between sessions. When I saw him, he did say: ‘there’s a reason it’s three weeks!’

I didn’t experience such a good response from the second chemotherapy session. Also the effects seemed to wear off quicker! My breathing started to affect my voice after about ten days! The doctors say the effect of the chemotherapy is cumulative, so maybe I’ll have a better reaction to this session. Maybe it’s taken a while to recover from delaying the second session for a week!

Since that second session, I went to another match at Fulham, I spent a week on a training course for work and I went to a one day juggling festival in York. So when I say I haven’t been as good as I was after the first session, it’s all relative!