Month: December 2013

Someren Sudoku

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I ran a workshop on how to create sudoku puzzles. This is the puzzle we made. It’s not a very difficult puzzle, I’ve never been able to make a hard puzzle by hand!

2013-12-31 17.00.56-1


Passing Festival

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I flew into Eindhoven on Friday morning. William met me at the airport and I spent the day with him and his girlfriend, Sandra. We went for a walk in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen national park, which is a strange landscape of sand dunes. We also had a very nice meal there.

The passing festival started at 6pm. The site is very nice. We have a large social area, where we can eat our meals, play games and chill out. The kitchen is attached to this area. In the same building there are many small dorm rooms, with four beds to each room. The juggling hall is just across a small courtyard. Since I’ve been here I’ve done plenty of juggling, led one workshop, started preparing for another and went on a very long walk.

I’m having far too much fun to keep this blog up to date!

Interview feedback

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I went to see Amanda, my boss, for some feedback about my interview. She said they offered the job of driver trainer to one of the other candidates. However, she was very impressed with my presentation, and wanted me to do the training as well! The idea is that I could provide occasional cover for him in the classroom, but she also wants to do more spot checks on the drivers and groups that use our minibuses, to ensure that they are using best practice when it comes to securing and transporting wheelchair users

Fulham v Man City

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I went to Fulham’s next home game against Manchester City. This time I took Frank, another nephew. The last time Frank came to watch Fulham, they beat Norwich 5-0. Before the game I said: ‘You might see five goals today, but Fulham won’t score all of them!’ Manchester City won 4-2. It was a great game! I took one photo of Yaya Toure’s free kick for Manchester City:


Phone call

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I got a phone call from my oncologist. He said that I don’t have the genetic mutation that he tested for, but I do have a rarer one: the ALK gene. It’s found in 3-5% of lung cancer patients. There are about 15 genes known to be associated with lung cancer, and only these two have a drug treatment. The drug treatment for the ALK gene has only become available within the last year. He also said people with the ALK gene respond well to chemotherapy. That explains my marked improvement in walking without getting a tight chest.

My oncologist is very happy with this result too. Inevitably, he’s doing research into the ALK gene!

Job interview

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I was short listed for the driver trainer job and invited to an interview, one of three candidates. We were sent a power-point presentation containing some slides from the training material, which we had to present as part of the process. I was very pleased with my presentation, I did as well as I could, but maybe I put too much effort into that at the expense of thinking about the interview questions. There were a couple of obvious questions, which I hadn’t considered, and so took a moment to come up with an answer. I was happy with most of my answers, but it must have been clear that I hadn’t thought about some of them before! Overall I’m pleased with the interview.

It was nearly a week since my first chemotherapy session. I was surprised at the effect the treatment is having. That day I walked a lot, and I walked faster than I have done recently without getting a tight chest!

Merry Christmas

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Here’s a sudoku puzzle I made for Christmas a couple of years ago. It should keep you busy for a while!Christmas sudoku

Happy Christmas!